Website Design & Development

The marketing effort of a business starts from the conception of the business. Especially now with businesses having an online platform to maintain. Building a website that’s geared for success is vital for every business. Here at The Marketing Muslimah, we help businesses design and build websites that sell.

What We Specialize In

We aim to provide a full service for our clients and for that reason we have built up a service list that ensures we can provide the best web development experience. Here are some of the services we specialize in.

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Web Design

Within the online world user experience of websites matters a lot. So creating designs that provide a great user experience and help leave a mark on the visitor’s mind is what we specialize in here at The Marketing Muslimah. Our Web Design experts do thorough research and analysis of the market to find what people look for and create a design that makes navigation easier. We employ cutting-edge discoveries to make designs more user-centric ensuring better user-engagement for the website. With our years of experience in web design, we can also make sure that the design is also responsive across all platforms for better performance and business exposure. So let’s talk about designing the perfect website for your business.

Let’s Grow Your Brand!

A marketing consultation with one of our team members will serve to get you going in the right direction as it relates to improving your organization’s performance and efficiency.

Web Development

Once the design is done you need to develop the website. Web development requires a certain amount of expertise and focus to ensure a fully functional website. Our expertise with CMS development will make sure that we integrate the system with your preferred design. We use a host of different technologies to create the websites making sure that not only is the website functioning but its also perfectly optimized for SERPs(Search Engine Results Page) and other marketing efforts. We will ensure to integrate any tool like the analytics tool to ensure that you can look up your website’s performance anytime you want.  Here is how we approach making websites for our clients.

  • We take the requirements and analyze them.
  • We provide clients with an approximate budget range.
  • When the client agrees to the budget we start fine-tuning the technical requirements.
  • Once the technical aspects are finalized we are able to provide an exact budget and estimated date of delivery.
  • Once the project is under construction you will have access to every aspect of it and you will be notified every time a milestone is reached.
  • Once we finish building we show the final product and ensure quality control and add any special last-minute changes.
  • Once we deliver you are free to choose your options of running and maintaining the site alone or have us help you maintain the site.