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Choose The Right Aesthetics & Functionality

Clients who seek out family lawyers often do so when experiencing extreme emotional distress as they attempt to deal with a significant life event.

Make it easy for potential clients to find your law firm website by including a few essential features.

With so much competition in this space, standing out amongst your competition means you must have a polished, easy-to-use website that showcases your firm’s distinct value and performs well in search engine rankings.

For almost 15 years, the experts at The Marketing Muslimah have been developing effective websites for lawyer firms just like yours.

Our web optimization service has helped many family law firms generate better leads, and increase their client base and website visibility online.

Essential Features In Web Design For Family Lawyers

Because most potential clients will first check out your website before calling or reaching out in any other way, it’s crucial to convey the impression that you’re staffed by knowledgeable, trustworthy attorneys who can handle any issue that comes your way.

Let’s discuss some best practices for projecting the right image.

Professional Web Design

As a family law firm, it is essential for you to maintain a clutter-free, easy-to-navigate website. Your website must exude the same sense of order as your case notes in order to project an image of stability, good organization, and trustability. 

Your website’s landing page and other crucial pages should include content that helps you demonstrate your team’s ability to communicate clearly and concisely.

When choosing the overall design for your family law firm website it is essential to have a clean landing page that includes easy-to-understand text and imagery that is minimal.

Client Reviews

The legal profession may greatly profit from the dissemination of reviews. Positive reviews displayed on your website demonstrate to your clients that you have assisted others with similar issues in the past and just like in the previous client’s case you’ll be just as successful in their case. 

All businesses can benefit from positive user reviews and testimonials. Still, those offering services where consumers engage them to represent some essential elements of their lives, like family law, especially need them to drive confidence in their brand.

Be sure to obtain your previous client’s permission before adding case studies and success stories to your website..

Crisp Images

Choosing imagery that reflects your client base, your office space, and your team members can do wonders for a law firm’s image for prospective clients. 

  • Images of the office
  • Photographs with your legal team
  • Images of people you’ve helped

…are all frequent in legal practices, as they reassure clients that you are there to help them.

Photos should be of excellent quality and not overbearing in their subject matter. If you don’t have original photography, you can choose from free stock photos from websites like Pexels.com. The success of your web design project for a family lawyer can succeed or fail based on how professional and attractive the photos are.

Engaging Color Themes

A high level of professionalism is essential in the legal field. The legal system is not designed to be too trendy and “hip” like other fields of work. Instead, it should exude gravitas, professionalism, and absolute truth. To convey this image to your clientele, use neutral and welcoming colors.

You can’t go wrong with black, white, gray, or even dark reds or blues. Stay away from primary colors if you don’t want your page to look like child’s play.

Suitable Fonts

The legal system can be confusing and difficult to understand for the typical individual, but for you, as a lawyer, everything is crystal clear, we are sure! Unfortunately though for your clients and potential clients legal system terminology is always so clear or easy to understand.

The best way to reduce the risk of having unclear text on your site is to not use fancy or smooth fonts. Most legal practices would do well to use serif typefaces that are cleaner and more professional.

Suitable Fonts - family law website - The Marketing Muslimah

Best Practices for Designing a Family Law Website

Pay attention to your messaging, and make it obvious that you are a family law expert who can successfully represent your clients by including details about your experience, education specialty areas, and financing options if you have them. Presenting information “up front” in this manner will aid in enticing your leads who might not otherwise hire a lawyer because they worry about the cost of a family law defense.

Remember to highlight your unique selling proposition (USP) in the hero section. That is the uppermost part of your landing page. Use a menu that stays put, also known as a sticky header, to remain visible while the user scrolls, preferably one containing contact information or a call-to-action.

Make It Easy For Site Visitors To Find Specific Services

You should have separate landing pages for different types of services so that website visitors can quickly locate the information they’re looking for. Conversion funnels should be clearly defined and used to guide the design process.

Make It Easy For Leads To Connect With You

Create a website experience that makes potential clients more comfortable reaching out. Consider including a “Meet the Team” section on your website that includes images and brief biographies of your attorneys. Instead of using the hero section for this purpose, we recommend that you emphasize your USP and place the “Meet the team” part lower on the page at the end of the consideration phase of the conversion funnel.

Encourage A Feeling Of Positivity Through Your Text

Write in a way that emphasizes the positives to the reader so that they can see how your services will aid them in their time of need, be it a divorce, the division of assets, the granting or withdrawal of custody, or any other situation that may arise.

Encourage Search Engines To Crawl Your Site

Use search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to increase website traffic and rankings for your law firm website. Best practices for SEO include 

  • Using keywords that match the user’s search intent
  • Optimizing title tags and meta descriptions
  • Linking to relevant internal and external resources, and more.

Make Your Site Easy To Understand For All

For the sake of all visitors, especially those with visual impairments, use a large enough font for paragraph text. Anything between 14px and 18px should be perfect for any reader. Put a face to the design by using high-quality, professional photographs to make visitors feel more at ease reaching out to you.

Since 53% of consumers use mobile and desktop devices to seek an attorney and 23% prefer using a mobile device solely, your website should be designed for mobile users.

Make Your Site Easy To Understand For All - web design for family lawyer - The Marketing Muslimah

How We Develop Web Design For Family Lawyers

The Marketing Muslimah employs a systematic procedure to develop unique web designs that consider industry standards, consumer preferences, and other factors. Take a peek at how we do things around here to develop the best law firm websites for our clients.

Our Approach to Website Development

Every one of our bespoke web design projects starts with extensive research of your market, your competitors, and your target audience’s online habits. From these data points, we develop a website development plan for your brand that will serve as the foundation for your design.

Information Architecture 

We develop your sitemap to highlight the crucial stage of the conversion funnel after researching your industry, competitors, and your own goals and objectives.

Plans and Layout

Our web developers use wireframes to help you visualize the final product of our design efforts even before we begin the work. In this way, we avoid wasting time implementing design and features that are not approved by you. 

After you’ve approved our suggested web design and features, we’ll move forward with developing a website that you will love, your website visitors will find useful, informative and easy-to navigate.

Plans and Layout - best law firm websites - The Marketing Muslimah

Showcasing Your Law Firm’s Skills & Experience

Your family law website should showcase your skills and experience on a canvas that is well-design, easily digestible and easy to navigate. A top-notch law firm’s website design will surely help generate more leads/clients through user-friendly design, informative and engaging content, persuasive social proof, and a well-thought-out conversion funnel.

The Marketing Muslimah develops websites using the latest web design technology for businesses in a wide range of sectors, including family law offices.

We are proud to be experts in development, design, messaging, and more. We work on a foundation of knowledge from studying the industry, the competition, and the target audience to design a custom plan for each business.

Contact us for your next web design project.

Contact us for your next web design project - web design for family lawyer - The Marketing Muslimah

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