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Sourcing Email Marketing Subscribers From Social Media Marketing

As you know, email marketing has been around for quite some time now, since 1971 to be exact, and by the looks of it email isn’t going away any time soon. Over the last 5 decades, email has become a great way to connect with not only family, friends and your team members, but also customers and prospects.

Consider the facts highlighted in the recent SaleCycle 2019 report entitled “18 Email Marketing Statistics 2019 Edition”. This report is a snapshot into the world of email marketing, offering a breakdown of trends and statistics related to email marketing annually. In it is stated, “50% of online consumers view and/or buy products and services of all types from marketing emails at least once per month”. The report further goes on to explain that “over 59% of surveyed consumers said that marketing emails had influenced their decision to purchase a product or service”. 

Email marketing is not dead, it is believed to be the most effective customer retention tool of all available marketing channels. It is also one of the most inexpensive ways to reach your customers. The only thing you’ll need to get started is an email marketing list.

Growing Your Email Marketing List Of Subscribers

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably looking to grow your email list of subscribers. Well, you’ve made a great decision, especially when you consider that it’s much easier to grow a list of email subscribers and qualified leads than it is for you to get new subscribers on your Youtube channel or even attract new qualified leads on platforms like Linkedin and Facebook’s business pages due to low post/page reach. Choosing to focus your marketing efforts on this marketing channel is a sure fire way to attract and nuture leads over time for your organization like digital marketing agency charlotte.

One way to build out your list of email subscribers and qualified leads is to think outside of the box and cast a wider net in the sea of potential subscribers. With that being said, there’s no better place to find email marketing list subscribers than amongst those who’ve already expressed an interest in your brand, your social media followers.

To help you get better results from your email marketing campaign, we have put together this short article to explain how to use social media to increase your email list of subscribers.

Add a “Sign-Up” Button to Your Facebook Page

Facebook has the largest social media community on the planet so it’s a fertile ground to grow your email list of subscribers through organic and paid efforts. It has a feature that allows businesses to create call-to-action buttons that help customers reach you with the simple click of a button. One such call-to-action button is the “Sign Up” button that can be added to any Facebook business page.

First – Create a landing page on your website for an email subscription opt-in form.

email subscriber landing page

Second – Activate the “Sign Up” button on your Facebook Page profile. Point your Facebook page button to the landing page containing the subscription form designed to collect the visitor’s email address.

Voila! Your page visitors can now easily access your opt-in form.

Contests or Giveaways On Your Social Media Account – Require Subscription

Everyone likes free stuff right? Well, leverage that to induce more sign-ups.

First – Create an offer, then publish your offer (giveaway) description and rules to your social media pages. Important: Your offer must be something of high value to your audience so think critically about what it is they value that you can afford to give away.

social media giveaways

Second – Require giveaway participants to go to your landing page to complete your email subscription form in order to enter your giveaways.

Gift Certificates like the one seen above can be automatically emailed to giveaway participants upon completing your email opt-in form. This process is called Email Automation and can be achieved using MailChimp or any other email automation system.

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Well-targeted giveaways are super effective in email subscriber list building. In fact, entrepreneurs and business owners are able to grow their email list substantially in weeks rather than months through the use of social media and email giveaways.

Remember, the giveaway doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. It could be a coupon, gift certificate, whitepaper, an infographic, a guide, an eBook, or early access to a service that is not yet available to the rest of the public. But if you’ve got cash to spend, you can raise the bar a little higher in order to really induce enrollment.

Another way to grow your email list by leveraging people’s thirst for free stuff is through contests. Simply create a contest and ask your audience to provide their emails in order to qualify.

Embed Social Media Share Icons in Your Emails

Turn your existing customers into ambassadors who use their social profiles to share your email offers. You see it all of the time, your social media friends sharing posts and links published by businesses for awesome offers. It’s time for you to let your customers be your advocates in this way as well.

Customer advocacy is a great strategy that can be implemented by adding an embedded social media “share” icons in your email campaigns. Then encourage your existing subscribers to “Share This Email With Your Social Network”. If set up correctly, the link that will actually be shared by your existing subscribers will be one that when clicked will direct online users to your landing page to opt-in to receive the same email offer.

Set Up Facebook Lead Ads

All major social media networks have paid ads features that allow you to point users on that platform to your website to purchase products or sign up for your offer. Some, like Facebook even have Lead Ads that allow users to submit their email addresses to your business without even leaving the platform. (See Image Below)

advertising on facebook

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Social media users upload a ton of personal data to their profiles. And social media platforms use all that information to help you target potential customers based on their online behavior, interests, age, location and several other factors. Lead ads allow you to target those social media users who are your ideal customers based on their available data.

You can display your lead ads to individuals who fit your ideal customers online behavior patterns, interests, age, and/or location. Your ad audience will be comprised of those who are more likely to be interested in your offer and most likely to complete your email subscriber form.

Use YouTube Cards to Point Viewers to Your Opt-In Form

Ever notice the small buttons that pop-up on YouTube videos you’re viewing?

Those are YouTube Cards. Apart from adding interactivity to your videos, you can also use these little guys to point viewers to an external URL.

Add the URL of your email subscription landing page to allow viewers to access your email subscription form.

Add Call-to-Action to Your Posts

A call-to-action in your social media posts can range from subtly asking your audience to share your content, to asking them to read the rest of the post on your website.

If you’re being upfront, you could request they follow the link and provide their email to receive exclusive content regularly.

Alternatively, you can share the snippet of a compelling article from your blog to your social media page. Then set up modal forms that pop-up and request readers’ email addresses on the web page containing the full article.

The Proof Is In The Smarty Pants Email

These are just some of the easiest DIY marketing practices that you can use to encourage email enrollment sign-ups. The most effective strategies for us have been a combination of the first and second strategies mentioned above, that is “Sign Up” Buttons and “Giveaways” in the form of Smarty Pants Party content. Since you are likely here, from your Smarty Pants Party weekly email then, needless to say, this strategy works wonderfully. The key is to give your audience an offer or content that is actually helpful, relevant and appealing to them.

Email marketing is just one of the tools that a small business should have in their toolbox in 2019. Learn more about other marketing practices that you should consider for your business. Check out the Knowledge Base section of our website.

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