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6 Mistakes People Make While Hiring Website Design Services

Every business owner, whether it’s a big or small business, requires a website these days. Owning a website allows you to grow your business. A website design process starts by hiring a designer. You hire a web designer and developer to build a website that matches your vision and goals. But, the hiring process is crucial, to say the least. Many people complain that they have wasted all their money and time only to get a poorly designed and adapted website. As a hirer, you need to be vigilant when hiring someone. So, where to start?

1. Letting your designer handle technical matters

I get it. Creating a website is complicated and needs a basic understanding of things and that’s why people fret getting involved in it. As a result, they let a designer handle the technical things. While this does prove helpful, there are major drawbacks. When you decide to let your designer take the reins on these technical matters, you may be in trouble. For example, when you let a designer register a domain, you end up giving control of your website to the designer. Your domain is a very important part of your website, registering your domain yourself, is your safest bet. This will help maintain control over your domain and digital property.

2. Overpaying

Many clients complain that some web design and development firms overcharge, and they often excuse it by saying they provide premium services that make your website look great. Don’t be fooled by their marketing gimmicks. Small businesses don’t require a lot of tools or programs, so don’t just think that paying a handsome amount of money will work wonders. If their reason for overpricing feels fishy to you, it probably is fishy. Be mindful when you hire a designer and look past the “big” claims. Do your research, stick to facts and ask them for their work portfolios.

3. Using the wrong CMS

WordPress is a household platform for Content Marketing System (CMS). Apart from WordPress, Squarespace, Drupal and Shopify are the most commonly used CMS platforms. Designers work with these different content marketing systems. Different businesses require different CMS platforms, so choosing the right one CMS is important. A designer should keep in mind your CMS preference and your site’s needs. Choose a good designer who understands the platforms; a WordPress-based designer is the best option for your WordPress websites, for example.

4. Lower price

Some clients would like to think they’ve hit the jackpot whenever a web designer approaches them with a lower price than the market. Be wary of those designers. These website designers might save you some money initially, but there’s no guarantee that what they offer is free of glitches or errors. What I mean to say is, a lower price may mean reduced quality. You may end up paying more than what you would have paid a proper professional from the start because someone has to clean up a mess or start from scratch. We have also heard various fraud stories where clients pay these dodgy web designers and end up being victims.. I’m not saying that all designers who charge less are suspicious, but it’s better to do your homework before contacting a designer.

5. Hiring someone without SEO knowledge

SEO is the most important aspect of your website. It helps you connect with your target audiences whenever they search for services related to your business via search engines. Without SEO, your website wouldn’t have meaning or purpose to it. If a designer doesn’t know how to integrate SEO into your website, it’s best not to hire them. That’s why you need to make sure you hire a designer who knows how to drive people to your website through SEO (search engine optimization).

6. Not being open to the designer

You can’t expect your designer to read your mind and sort things out on his/her own. You need to be as open as you can while hiring a designer. Talk to them about what you want and don’t want on your site. Tell them which CMS platform you find suitable and inform them of who your target customers are. This helps them create design layouts.

Also, make sure you ask for a responsive website for mobile devices and don’t shy away from price negotiations. In short, talk about your needs, doubts and concerns beforehand.

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