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Search Engine Optimization: 4 Interesting Facts About Local SEO

What is local SEO?

If you don’t know what SEO means, it is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. Local SEO or local search marketing is a way of optimizing your business presence online via search engines. Simply put, it means taking your local business online. The role of SEO is to help local businesses promote their services to the local customers in the exact time and location when a local searcher is looking them up online. Your business’s online presence is created by various methods and SEO tools. Take this case as an example:

Suppose you need an affordable local SEO service in your area, so you do a google search by typing “local SEO services near me”. As a result, Google will show you all the local SEO marketing companies that are located near you. This is an example of how a local SEO campaign works.

As easy as it might seem, setting up a local SEO strategy is a little complicated and needs SEO experts to do the job. You can’t expect to do it yourself unless you are an SEO or a digital marketing expert.

What is a Local search?

Local search means searching for services in the locality. In local search, a search engine provides results for a local business, like shops, restaurants, services, etc, when a potential customer hits the search button.  A generalized search query that doesn’t target a specific time or location, for example, “benefits of local SEO” suggests a lesser purchase intent compared to the query that includes “SEO marketing near me”

The “near me”  local search query helps google understand what and where the searcher wants. Google doesn’t even need the “near me” keyword anymore if Google Maps have access to your location. It can search for nearby places and services whenever you hit the search bar.

Google My Business

Google my business is a business profile you make on Google. It shows information about your business such as the services you deliver, a business description, Q&As, etc. Local SEO plays a big role in keeping your GMB (Google my business) accurate and updated. This helps in increasing your business’s chance of appearing in the local pack so that your business looks appealing and trustworthy to the potential clients.

Did you know?

– People use search engines every 10 to 15 seconds.

– More than 70% of people search for local services and shops before they go out.

– 50% of searches done in Google are for local business

– More than 80% of people use search engines on their phones daily

– And 18% to 20% of searches lead to a sale within a day

Interesting facts about local SEO

Interesting facts about local SEO - The Marketing Muslimah

1. SEO process takes time to develop

Local SEO is an ongoing process and takes time to build so only working with keyword placements and backlinks won’t give you results in a day! You constantly have to fight to maintain rank in the google search to stay ahead of your competitors or else you’ll be outranked by them. If you miss a spot, you might end up taking a few steps backwards in terms of local search ranking.

2. Local SEO can grow your business

As I mentioned earlier, 80% or more of people who search for a service on their devices end up showing at the exact location thanks to local SEO. When a consumer finds your service or products interesting, he or she ends up purchasing it. If the customer is satisfied with your services, they are likely to be back for more in the future. They might also talk about your business and spread the word to people who might need it. This earns you customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertisement, which helps establish and grow your business with time.

3. Ratings and reviews are an important aspect

Remember the part about spreading the word? Well, it comes in here. Satisfied consumers write reviews and interested shoppers read those reviews. These interested shoppers read before purchasing a service or product from your business. If the rating is good, you will most likely make a huge profit by selling the product. Google ratings and reviews help with that.

4. No PR needed

PR no longer has an impact on your business and can’t determine success based on your reputation. It’s SEO’s job to determine how effective your business solution is. Hence, you don’t need to stress over PR anymore whilst working with local SEO. It’s that simple.

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