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Dental Marketing Strategies Used By The Pros

Dental marketing can help dental practices thrive because it brings in new patients and helps keep the ones you already have. There is no one right way to do this, but there are strategies that you can use. And at The Marketing Muslimah, we implement these strategies to help your practice grow.

How Dental Marketing Help Dental Practice Thrive

Attracting New Patients

Attract new patients with improved strategies and content. Your website, marketing strategy, social media, and blog can improve your rank in search engines like Google. Before, an extensive link-building campaign would be necessary to rank high in SERPs (search engine results pages). Now, Google tends to favor sites with higher quality content and will often rank sites higher if they present a robust user experience. 

Managing Your Reputation

Manage your reputation with online listings and review management. Your online reputation serves as a medium that determines if prospects will do business with you. Therefore, you need to maintain that positive online reputation for your dental practice. Implementing dental-specific solutions will help increase the number of positive reviews and testimonials. As a result, you can maintain a positive online reputation and hold your dental practice in a positive light to your prospective patients.

Targeting & Reaching Audiences

Ad campaigns allow you to create online ads to target & reach audiences interested in your dental practice. It will enable you to choose which keywords or searches your ads will appear for and what message you want to deliver to your audience. With campaigns like Google Ads, you can choose which pages your potential patients visit when they first land on your website.

Building Patient Loyalty 

To build strong customer relationships, you need regular brand interactions. Email marketing makes these interactions consistent, personalized, less interruptive, and seamless. Keeping in contact with your customer base via emails offers your business the opportunity to nurture leads and improve brand recognition while driving sales. 

Strategies To Use For A Successful Dental Practice

1. Creating Influence on Social Media

Social media helps dentists  reach out to potential patients and build or strengthen relationships. You can use social media platforms to stay in touch with your current and prospective patients. You can also use them to collect reviews, answer questions and educate people about your business. This will help retain their interest in you and your practice. In addition, your contact information (phone number, address) can help your patients locate you and find your clinic. 

2. Implementing Local SEO

A comprehensive SEO strategy should include some local keywords to make your data more approachable to your local patients. These are the keywords that will truly bring new clients to your door. By using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can reach a broader set of people. Locality-based SEO means choosing locally-relevant keywords that will help you rank better in your area. This will mean that when people in your area search for a nearby dentist, they will see your name & office in the list. 

3. Creating a Solid Website

A well-structured website holds the potential to attract potential patients to a dental practice. And almost every business nowadays needs a website to shine. There’s a 70% chance your potential patient will interact with you via your site. So, it’s vital to create a good impression by offering a professional and organized website. 

4. Using Content Marketing 

Content marketing is when you utilize content such as blog posts and articles to intrigue the audience, bring them to your website, build relationships with them, and eventually make them your loyal patients. It’s important to know what you want when you do content marketing. Do you want traffic? Do you want backlinks? Do you want to drive conversions? Once you know your goals, consider the type of content that will work best for your purpose. Content marketing is an excellent way to enhance your SEO. Adding new content and keywords regularly will increase your overall ranking and send more traffic to your site.

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We Incorporate These Strategies 

Social Media Marketing

Our social media service follows a 4-step process: content strategizing, content curation, content scheduling & account monitoring. We are responsible for creating engaging content, running social media campaigns, and posting content on every social media platform. In addition, we track, monitor, and report back the results of each profile, which includes breakdowns of each post or page. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our team of experts has the skills and knowledge to help your business rank well in Google searches as we resolve 130+ common issues that prevent websites from ranking highly on SERPs (search engine results pages). We also aim to resolve 130+ website issues, including incorrect meta description, slow loading time, poorly written ad copy, poor site appearance, outdated content, high bounce rate, and a lot more.

Website Design & Development

Our team designs creative websites with an emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO), mobile-friendly designs so you can be connected 24/7 no matter where life takes you, and access and utilize user-friendly layouts that make everything easy breezy.

Content Marketing

We create the perfect tone for you by crafting and marketing content that will resonate with your target audience! Our team of seasoned professionals has years worth of knowledge in all things related to written and visual content such as blogs, infographics, images, videos, graphical and text content for social media channels and copywriting. 

Online Listing & Reviews Management

It’s all about attracting the right prospects to your business.

We constantly review and manage listings on top sites and directories so that when people are searching for a company like yours, they’ll find accurate, up-to-date details about your dental practice. 

Google Advertising

You can meet your target cost per sale or lead without putting a dent into your wallet with our sophisticated search engine optimization tools & strategies that are backed with years of experience in building successful paid campaigns. We specialize in helping clients find success through organic growth by using only proven methods for increasing traffic on their site and boosting rankings organically, which will result in more customers!

Email Marketing

Our email campaigns are proven to help you nurture leads and create engagement opportunities that lead to repeat buying. Our experts can help you reach your target customers and existing customers with offers they’ll love.

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