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How To Optimize Your Site For Google RankBrain

Google loves disrupting the status quo. Back in 2015, they did it by announcing RankBrain, an AI. They categorized it as one of the three major factors when determining website ranking. Here we will talk about how you can optimize your website perfectly for RankBrain. But before that, let’s talk about how it understands queries and its efficiency.

Understanding Queries & Efficiency

Google handles about 3 billion search queries every day. Of them, around 15% are completely new searches. This is a huge number that cannot be overlooked. But Google has no way of knowing what those terms are. This is where RankBrain comes in.

Google used to basically guess relevancy, which, as you can imagine, wasn’t that good. However, with RankBrain, Google assesses the problem in a different light. When RankBrain gets a query, it basically breaks down the query into “word vectors” through which it deciphers the user intent. 

The best thing about RankBrain is the fact that when it gets a new query, it not only sends relevant content but also it makes other related new query results better. It does that by matching the “word vectors” within the queries. So the more time goes, the more RankBrain is able to understand queries and user intent.

So, is RankBrain efficient in determining user intent? Well, have you ever searched for something without really being specific? Google was able to suggest you with the exact same thing? Then you know that RankBrain works. The ability to connect the dots to better represent user intent within the search results is the basic job of RankBrain. 

In Google testing, RankBrain’s success rate was 80%, where the search specialists topped out at around 70%. That’s not all, with more data and time RankBrain is able to make its responses have an even higher success rate. 

So now that you know how RankBrain works and that it is highly efficient, its time for you to know how you can optimize your site for RankBrain. So without further ado, let’s get into the process.

Optimization Overview

As you can see, RankBrain is one of the most important factors in getting a website ranking high. You must optimize your web content and other website aspects for RankBrain. Otherwise, your website will quickly lose relevance and fall down the rankings and will eventually get so low that no one in the world will ever see. So there are a few techniques you can use to ensure that your website is perfectly in line to rank high. 

You may be wondering what those techniques are, right? Don’t worry; we are here to help you with that. So first, let’s say how your website will fall down the rabbit hole of the Google search results pages. 

Whenever you don’t utilize the methods, we are going to discuss the relevance and CTR(Click Through Rates) will fall for your site. When the CTR falls, the amount of user data that RankBrain gets from your website becomes limited. 

rank brain

This means that it becomes harder for RankBrain to determine the relevance of your site, making it go down in ranking and slowly sending it to obscurity. 

So to avoid this, you need to be in line with some new SEO practices. So let’s take a look at what they are:

Web Authority

There are two ways to build your site’s web authority. First is giving the audience what they want. So you should do ample research on your audience. Find out what your target audience likes and tailor your content according to their needs. For example, if you have an auto parts website or car repair website, then your target audience will not like reading about mobile phones or other things, right? 

Create and curate more content revolving around what the audience likes. This is not limited to text content. Make sure you embed videos, images, gifs, or any other media content. 

Also, curate your content to social media so that more people are able to engage with your content. 

This engagement means people are spending more time on your site, which basically results in RankBrain understanding the relevancy of your site. 

Keywords Selection

Now with RankBrain, Google has a better understanding of what people need and what. While short tags will always always be relevant many long-tail and medium tail keywords, have become irrelevant. 

In the past, Google did not know that “Best Bluetooth Speakers” and “Best Bluetooth Speakers For Listening” were the same thing. Now with RankBrain, they do. So choose poignant and effective keywords. It doesn’t need to be super long. Medium-tailed keywords are just as effective as long-tail ones.

User Intent, Quality Content & CTR

RankBrain ensures that search results focus on addressing user intent rather. They do this by basically going through the traffic data that comes into your website. This is why it is advised to ensure you create quality content on your website that will make sure that visitors that come into your website stay longer than your competitor’s site. This will give your site more relevancy.

One of the ways RankBrain determines relevancy is to see which websites the users are clicking from the SERPs. Let’s say you search for something, and you see that the first website that comes up is not what you like, and the same goes for the 2nd and 3rd result. You scroll down and say you click on the 5-6th website because that is more of what you searched. This action, known as the CTR(Click Through Rates), will be recorded by RankBrain. 

Then it correlates with other user data to provide better ranking for that keyword. Eventually, if most people keep clicking on the site you clicked on, RankBrain will understand that this site is more relevant and will eventually rank it as the 1st result. 

This is why your CTR is essential, but to ensure higher CTR, you need to ensure that you fill your site with quality content that makes visitors stay on your site for more extended periods. 

Dwell time is another thing that RankBrain looks at. If visitors stays in one place for an extended period, then it means that they have found something they like. This is how the algorithm understands relevancy. 

Optimize Your Site For The Best Performance

So there you go, those are the main techniques to make sure RankBrain recognizes your website. Make sure you follow those perfectly to yield maximum output. Additionally, you should also ensure that you build a perfect backlink profile. This another important aspect of building your website’s relevance to RankBrain.

 It takes into account how many websites relevant established in the field websites are linking back to you. When they see more relevant backlinks, it understands you are an authority in the field, and it impacts your ranking. So make sure you focus on linkbiolding  as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go right now and start optimizing your website! 

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