Getting Your Products On Amazon, Walmart & Zulily

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Getting Your Products On Amazon, Walmart & Zulily - The Marketing Muslimah

Ever wondered how to get your products on the top 3 e-commerce sites in the world? Then you are definitely in the right place, this article contains all the information you need to get started. Let’s jump right in, we’re going to make this short, simple and straight to the point.

Registering To Sell On Amazon

Getting your products on Amazon is pretty easy. Unlike Walmart, Amazon has no restrictions that are based on how long you’ve been an e-commerce business. All they require is for you to place your products under appropriate categories. There are more than 20 product categories, some for professional Amazon sellers and the others for newbies. To become a professional Amazon seller, you have to be approved by Amazon.

Choosing The Right Amazon Selling Plan

There are two selling plans on Amazon, based on the number of sales:

  • Individual sellers who sell fewer than 40 items a month – These sellers do not pay monthly subscriptions but pay $0.99 per item as sales, referral, and variable closing fees. Their benefits are limited.
  • Professional sellers who sell more than 40 items a month – These sellers pay $39.99 as sales, referral, and variable closing fees. They enjoy more benefits and have the option of customizing their shipping rates.

Once you’re ready to start selling on Amazon, simply register on the seller central (a portal where you will also manage your selling account) and start listing your products.

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Setting Up Amazon Products For Sale

As an individual seller, you can only list your products one at a time but as a professional subscriber, you can list large batches of items. It doesn’t matter if your products are already listed by another vendor on Amazon; you can list any product you want. Just fill in required product information like quantity, condition, shipping options, etc. Then keep calm and wait for Amazon to send you order notifications.

Amazon Shipping Options

You can choose between handling shipping on your own or allowing Amazon to relieve you of that responsibility (fulfillment). Either way, due payments for shipping are charged to your bank account while transaction notifications are sent to your email address. If you choose the Amazon fulfillment plan, your products are stored at their fulfillment centers so they can handle packaging, shipping and customer care on your behalf. You will pay Amazon for storage space and every order that they help you to fulfill.

Gain more visibility for your products by paying Amazon to include your brand, store, and posts in targeted search results, also known as sponsored products.

Sell On Zulily Like A Pro

If you are a small vendor, Zulily is perfect for you. They encourage innovative, unique and niche products from small vendors just like yours. Like Amazon, this company also stores vendor products at their warehouse and helps them to fulfill orders.

They Truly Help You Sell More

Beyond providing a stable platform for product listing, they go the extra mile to provide planners who work closely with vendors and advise them on the most effective strategies to ensure consistent sales on the Zulily e-commerce platform. Zulily makes it possible for its vendors to know which of their product sells best, who is buying, and where people are buying from.

Other advantages of Zulily include the marketing, custom photography, and copywriting services it provides to sellers. The risk of buyers returning products (which they may have used) is eliminated with Zulily because they have an exchange but no-return for cash policy that their buyers are very much aware of.

Easy Setup With Guided Instructions

Becoming a seller on Zulily is super easy. Simply visit their website and tap the button prompting you to become a seller. You will be directed to watch a tutorial video that will guide you through the entire onboarding process. After completing the form, choose a category for your product and submit. The team of planners will help you to become successful on their platform for the remainder of your partnership with the platform.

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Start Selling On Zulily

Walmart: The More Complex Option

This organization is the most difficult of the three to get started. They check your online sales history on your e-commerce website or other e-commerce websites like Amazon in order to confirm that you’re not a newbie to the game. This is because they prefer to have only established brands and products sold on their platform, especially when the products involved have moderate prices.

How To Start Selling In 30 days

No setup fees are required, but Walmart charges referral fees based on categories and below are the steps involved to start selling on Walmart:

Apply on the Walmart marketplace by filling in the required information about your business. Then, lookout for a response from them – they usually respond within 2-3 weeks. If your application gets approved, you will receive an email containing a link to a page where you can set up your Walmart Seller Account with ease. Remember to verify your bank information in order to avoid payment issues.

Publishing Products To Walmart’s Site

Once you pass the entry phase, the next phase is uploading products, which is easy. If you have an enormous product catalog, uploading one at a time is not recommended. You should either do bulk uploads or if you have an e-commerce store, connect your Walmart API to your website for free. If you’re doing manual uploads, don’t forget to include product identification attributes and just to be double sure, test your order management functions (order receipt, cancellation, shipping and refund) using 2 or 3 products.

Your listing will go live when the Walmart team has gone through your account setup and then voila! You’re now a Walmart marketplace seller. Congratulations.

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