Email Marketing Automation

A Powerful Way To Get Repeat Sales & Convert Leads Into Clients

Personalized Emails For Repeat Sales

Email marketing is the most effective way to keep in touch with your customers and increase customer retention rates. With email marketing, you can easily target your audience for upsells, send personalized messages, and track the success of your campaigns.

Keep in touch with your customers and promote your latest products

Our campaigns allow our clients to

  • increase customer retention and loyalty
  • reach out to customers who haven’t been active recently
  • get customers back into their sales funnel
  • increase the lifetime value of each customer

On average, businesses have improved profits by 25% – 95% as a result of email marketing. Ready to talk strategy?

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Growth Starts With A Conversation

woman viewing email marketing newsletter
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With Trust Comes Loyalty & Better Customer Relationships

Data-driven email marketing allows for better personalization, which in turn builds customer trust and loyalty. Embracing email marketing for your business is one way to make sure you’re always in touch with customers. Email interactions can be consistent, personalized and less interruptive – all things that will help build strong relationships between brands/businesses & their clients!

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Budget-Friendly Options Are Available
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This Year's Goal...."Become A Household Name"!

There are many ways to get your brand out there and one of the most effective is through personalized email marketing. A well-executed email campaign is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods for brands who want their name recognition to grow among unfamiliar audiences while also staying in contact with those they already know.

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Connect With Your Audience. Grow As A Brand.

Email marketing has changed the way people interact with brands. No longer do they need to search for information about their industry trends, your product(s) or service; it’s now available right in their inbox on a consistent basis! Stay connected, and nurture leads to sales while also upselling products and services to existing customers. 

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Budget-Friendly Options Are Available
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Get Email Users On Your Site To Engage With Your Offers

The best emails capture your audience’s attention and makes them feel like they need to take action. To improve your email marketing campaigns we perform A/B and multivariate testing in order to ensure your text, images, offers and call-to-action are inline with what your subscribers want to see and accomplish your campaign goals. 

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Budget-Friendly Options Are Available
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Data-Driven Solutions For Growth

Data-Driven Solutions For Growth

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Personalized Email Targeting For Customers And New Leads

Email marketing is a tool that is 40x more effective than social media marketing for customers who are already familiar with your brand. These potential repeat customers and new leads are the types of customers who would benefit from being targeted in your campaigns.

Meet Email Users Where They Are…In Their Inbox

We make it easy for you to target email users with personalized messaging that will allow your company to do the following:

  • Reach your customers in real-time
  • Extract in-depth data that can be used for upselling campaigns
  • Easily track your campaign results so you know what’s working
  • Increase brand recognition and improve customer service
  • Increase website traffic with email marketing referral traffic

With our data-driven email marketing services for small businesses, we’ll tailor your message to your customers’ needs. 

a woman is giving a presentation on email marketing benefits

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Our project manager is Shovon. Love him! He's so easy to work with. The strategies he creates really helped grow our social media following and overall customer base. Our website redesign made the site so much easier to use and our customers are loving it. Thanks Shovon and... Read more

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Martina Rossi FEB 21, 2020

Niger is a creative and tech-savvy digital marketing professional. She brings her passion for digital marketing and her love of client satisfaction to the work that she performs. She partners extremely well with clients large and small. She led critical work for several... Read more

Mark Becker FEB 21, 2020

When I first started with The Marketing Muslimah, I didn't quite know what to expect. As I worked with Niger, I fully understood what it all entailed. I would recommend her work because she's diligent and her customer service is impeccable. Thanks for allowing me to credit my... Read more

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