Remarketing ads are a way for you to ensure that your organization is able to interact with every person who visits your website or app all across the web even if the site visitor gives you no personal data. These types of ads allow you to position your ad on other websites that they visit or any web/mobile app that they use.

Remarketing ads are a powerful solution for small businesses who wish to create brand awareness or remind the site visitor about your business.

Pushing traffic to your website is not just about providing helpful and relevant content that your audience would be interested in. Pushing traffic to your website ultimately helps your organization in three of the most important areas of online marketing.

    • SEO – Whether an individual makes a purchase on your website or not, this​ increase in website traffic helps to improve your website’s search engine ranking. Increased traffic to your website from a search engine or even social media tells Google and Bing that your website is one that likely contains quality information that online searchers would be interested in seeing. As a result, these search engines include your website in their results pages more often, which ultimately drives even more traffic to your website from these search engine results pages. In​ a nutshell, the steady “Premium Content” traffic that you will get from social media and other online referral sources will help you you earn all of that “Ready To Buy” traffic coming to you from better positioning in the search engine results page.
    • eMail Marketing – Premium Content is often gated, or can only be accessed when​ a person completes a form on your website that requests their email addresses among other items of data. Premium content makes collecting prospects email addresses easier because you are not asking for this information for free, you’re asking in exchange for Premium Content so they’ll hand it over much easier in order to get what they want.

Also, having this email address will help you in further identifying when the visitor returns to your site and what type of content or products they are interested in most. This type of in-depth tracking information is possible through collecting a simple email address and this capability is available to you if your site is equipped with the tracking tools that we use on all client sites.

  • Ad Remarketing-​ Another way that Premium Content allows you to benefit from other marketing practices is in the area of Remarketing. This boost comes in two ways, the first is in relation to the ability to collect the email address in order to access the premium content. Once we collect a site visitor’s email address, along with IP address and other data points we can track the site visitor all across the web in order to display your customized ads to them on Facebook, Popular Apps, Instagram, Google Partner, Twitter and 1,000s on other popular online platforms. Remarketing ads are created to speak to the site visitor’s specific needs in order to personalize the ad experience.

The Premium Content that we compose on behalf of your organization is either givenaway for free through blog publishing or ​given away for a fee​. When a “fee” is applied to​ the customer’s ability to gain access to this content, the fee collect is usually in the form of data submitted by the site visitor through a form which will redirect them to the content (ebook, calculator, case study, etc.) on your website or a downloadable link will be sent to the site visitor by email immediately after completing the form.

Premium Content is digital content that we create on behalf of your organization to use as a tool that will allow you to attract visitors to your website and/or social media profile pages.

For example, let’s say we compose for you a few monthly blog posts. We (or you) then share a link on social media to one of these helpful blog posts that can only be seen by visiting your website. Within this blog post is a 30-day vegan menu for fast & easy to make vegan meals for kids under 5. This type of Premium Content would be very attractive to a busy and or creative Vegan Mom who would be more than willing to visit your website in order to access this premium content. This blog has now worked to drive traffic to yourwebsite.

What about a downloadable eBook that gives you full instructions on how to repair your credit without paying a credit repair specialist? Well, a future homeowner would definitely be interested in visiting your website, completing a short form in order to receive this free eBook in his/her email inbox. This piece of premium content, just like the blogdiscussed above, will have also driven more traffic to your website.

Yes! Absolutely it is, and likely always will be. Want to shorten your buying process and get people to make better, faster purchase decisions? Well, email Marketing is the solution that allows shoppers to purchase products & services easier than on any social media platform. As a matter of fact, the selection and buying process happens 3xs faster through email than through any social media profile page.

email marketing is a true “direct-to-consumer” method that allows for complete rationalization of your message to re-attract customers and get them to buy your products or services time and time again.

The practice of email marketing is 40 times more effective at getting your sales, special, offers, service and company information out and in front of the consumer. Why? Because there is no buffer between you and your customer, no social media algorithm that prevents them from seeing your email content and no search engine getting in the way of your sale popping up on the first page and at the top of your prospects incoming email list. It’s all about your effort, your subject line, your email design, and your product or service offering…that’s it…..and as long as you are not making a habit of bombarding your customers or prospects with offers that they are not interested in, you don’t have to worry about folks unsubscribing or sending your emails directly to the Spam folder.

The process of improving, optimizing, arranging, designing, and adding content to a website in order to maximize its ability to earn a 1st page position nearest to the the top of the page on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines so that the website itself becomes the most powerful tool pushing “ready-to-buy” visitors to your website from the Search Engine Results Pages.

Search engine optimization is the most budget-friendly way for a small business to improve the quality and the quantity of website traffic. SEO strategy implementation is the way to attract the right people at the right time to your website when they are online and looking to make a purchase of a product or service that you provide.

The most important asset a business can have today is a website that is owned and managed by the business itself. In the eyes of the customer, what often separates the amateur businesses from the professional businesses that they can trust to make a purchase from is the legitimacy that comes along with having a well-designed, easy-to-use website for your brand.

Yes, you may be able to acquire sales through social media profile pages, however, it is non-contestable (agreed upon) that this is not a method that is in line with a comprehensive GROWTH plan.

In order for a business to survive long term, there must be growth beyond a social media page business. In order to be taken seriously by the masses and streamline your processes so that there is consistency in your customer experience, you will eventually need a website. This is a critical component of any small business growth plan. Your business must be a well-crafted, well thought out, a well-managed capable business that anyone (not just your friends, family and community members but ANYBODY) can trust to do business with.

Lastly, keep in mind that these platforms have much more control over your ability to generate revenue and grow than you do. This control over your ability to generate revenue is exercised by the platform through social media post suppression, reducing the number of people who see your posts on social media, removing “likes”, lowering reach which decreases engagement, allowing niches to become overcrowded without proving legitimacy of a business by requesting State or Local registration of the business so you wind up competing with 1,000s of fake businesses, amateur hobbyists, and even scammers. Then there is, of course, the worse case of them all, hacking, deleting or removal of your account permanently without warning or any way to recover it are all issues that businesses face who rely solely on social media as a way to grow their brands.

Online Brand Image Management is a service that we provide to ensure that your brand’s image, story, and information is consistent in as many places online as possible. We manage your online listings like Yelp, Google My Business, Bing Places, Facebook Listing, Voice search information for services like Alexa, Yahoo and over 70 other online listing services. This service is a critical component of any online marketing plan with an aim to help your website “Get Found” easily online.

Inbound marketing is a combination of online marketing methods used to help small businesses attract and retain customers online by drawing them to your website and social media pages in order to make purchases or interact with your brand in some meaningful way that ultimately leads to a financial transaction taking place between you and the customer.

Inbound marketing does this mainly through creating an environment of hyper brand awareness, unshakeable brand loyalty, and solid unwavering brand trust. These three components work to attract new and existing customers to your points of purchase by using content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, online events and branding.

Inbound Marketing is a tool used by the most successful online businesses to improve customer experiences and build trust amongst their audiences. We commonly and primarily use Inbound Marketing practices when working with clients because it is the most cost-effective way to attract and retain customer interest in your brand long term, allowing you to grow consistently over time.