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Digital-content marketing is all about attracting your target audiences and selling your product(s). The journey of converting your visitors to potential customers can be grueling and time consuming, depending on how strong your marketing game is. To intrigue your viewers, you need to create engaging content that increases conversions.

That’s precisely what conversion content is. Conversion content converts viewers into buying customers. In simple terms, when a visitor just randomly browses your website or social media pages, your content is intriguing enough to coax customers into purchasing products from your store. Once your audience arrives on your site, you need to have an established conversion path.

So, how do you create content that does that?

Motivate Your Audiences

Just like you and me, your audiences are humans. When creating content, keep in mind your brand’s persona but also establish a conversational tone to conjure feelings of warmth, friendliness and relatableness. Many content creators say peer pressure drives sales, which is true to some extent, but people also buy what they feel is important to them. If your products are relatable to their needs and have an excellent content approach, you can convert visitors without peer pressure or eliciting fear. You can create suggestive and engaging content titles like “Things You Should Know” or “5 Must-Have Products You Need.” These headlines are eye-catching and will drive clicks.

Create An Urgency

If you have noticed, products or services with time limitations or availability are sold like hotcakes. This happens because buyers dread the term “out-of-stock.” That’s how sales work! If you have ever shopped online, you might have observed that discounted products get more attention than the regular-priced ones. Limited offers create a sense of anxiety that you will lose a great deal if you don’t act fast. This urgency converts viewing audiences to buying customers.

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Make Your Content Resourceful

Any content without value is just a waste of digital space! Content should be clear and straightforward. Readers judge written content based on the first 100 words, so choose your words carefully. 

“If your content comprises paragraph after paragraph of nothing but your own thoughts on the newest marketing theories, you might generate readers but it’s unlikely those readers will turn into leads — or customers, either,” said James Scherer from the Content Marketing Institute,

As for videos, the standard limitation for video content is merely 10 minutes. That’s why shorter videos on YouTube get more views, just as long as the video has substance and quality.

Reduce Anxiety And Establish Trust

When you are a new face in the digital world, not everyone will trust what you say or do. This is a common matter, so don’t lose hope. You need to gain trust first, which is why great content matters. When you offer your two cents on a subject related to your business or service, you show your viewers that you know what you are talking about. You’re also educating readers and letting them know you understand exactly what they need or want.

Start by prioritizing your readers. This means putting yourself in your reader’s shoes and discussing the issues they may have. Share your personal stories or experiences about issues your product or service resolves. Sharing your story creates that relatableness we spoke about earlier. 

Another key thing is, don’t hide from your audiences. Your presence and appearance are central. Here’s a tip, add a photo of yourself next to your bio increases to increase trust. 

Include The Right Call-To-Action

You need a call-to-action (CTA), but the right one! First of all, the words you use in the call-to-action should grab your readers’ attention. Include keywords that match your content and look appealing enough for your viewers to click on. The proper CTA can inspire readers instantly. 

These are some practical and widely- used CTAs, but they aren’t limited to these three:

  • “For more on this (service based topics), make sure you follow my website/listen to hear my podcast.”
  • “If you are interested in cooking recipes like mine, do check out my ebook.”
  • “Want to stay updated with our new offers and sales promotions? Sign up for our newsletter.”

Using Industry Influencers

If you work with industry influencers, you have many options to grow your customer base. Ask influencers to collaborate with you on your YouTube channel or any social media platforms.

They can review your products or services on their platform. This establishes a relationship and increases brand awareness. There’s always an increased chance that the influencers’ loyal audiences will surely give your service a try. So, the idea isn’t far-fetched. Just remember, don’t be pushy and take your time in cultivating influencer and audience relationships.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of these tips about content conversion? Do these apply to your case? Have you tried them? Let us know how it worked for you. If you are in desperate need of content marketing in Charlotte, we are here to help! At The Marketing Muslimah, we create premium content, blogs, ebooks, etc., packed with information and visual appealings in order to help you generate leads and project authority. In short, we have your back!

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