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How do I find new customers on social media that will buy from my business?

No matter what your business does on social media, generating real revenue requires that you reach users who don’t know your brand (like…. AT ALL) with well-targeted paid social ad campaigns. Understand and accept that these users, whom you target in your ads (who don’t know you), are amongst those who will help you expand your reach and thus get your product/service in front of more people, i.e. create brand awareness faster.

We’re not talking about just simply getting thousands of followers. We’re talking about actually MAKING SALES from your existing small or large following while also reaching those who DON’T AND MAY NOT EVER FOLLOW YOU.  Social media ads allow you to generate revenue from both followers and Non-followers.

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I have lots of followers but little sales from social media, why?

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing this business pain point. More importantly, you should remember that your follower count has VERY LITTLE to do with the revenue your business will generate on social media. Social reach is what matters, not followers. We know that you think that follower count matters and so you’re obsessed with growing your followers….but wipe that from your brain, it does not. Reaching those who do follow you and those who may never follow you is the real way to grow your sales through social media.

It’s not about LOOKING successful on social media, it’s about BEING successful in your business in real life.

How much does it cost to advertise on social media?

If you want to attract new users/customers to your business who know nothing (and we mean NOTHING AT ALL) about your brand, what matters more than your follower count is creating a modest social media advertising budget based on 10% or more of your monthly income. Then use that budget to target users using the demographic and psychographic data that these platforms already know about your audience.

Even better than demographics and psychographics is your existing email marketing list. You can create ads that target these people specifically or create a lookalike audience of folks who are similar to those who are already on your list.

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Why are social media ads so important to business growth Ads?

Ads are an investment, and NO BUSINESS GROWS WITHOUT INVESTMENT. Social media posts without ads are fine for those who have time to waste, and those who have time to waste should also know that wasting time is VERY EXPENSIVE.

For those business owners who actually want to grow their customer base, targeted ads are the #1 way to reach those individuals who know and don’t know anything about your product/service and are MOST LIKELY to become a PAYING CUSTOMER. Your social media posts COULD NEVER do for your business what social media ads will. Invest in you!

Want to start advertising on social media?

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