Charlotte Web Design Image & Color Styling Tips

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Reflecting Charlotte In Web Design

Charlotte is a very unique southern city within itself. It embodies the boldness of a major city while still maintaining the charm of southern suburbia in many of its neighborhoods. 

The metropolis is surrounded mostly by suburbs and rural areas on all sides and stands alone as the most important economic ecosystem in the southern region of North Carolina. 

Our Diversity Creates Major Opportunity

Businesses of all kinds can thrive here as the diversity in the population calls for the availability of many different types of products and services.

With this being the case, how can a brand that serves this area of North Carolina create a website that offers ease of usability while also projecting the aesthetics and big energy of the city to attract patrons to their establishment?

A Brief Overview…

In this article, we will answer this question. The goal here is to offer some advice for web designers who develop websites for Charlotte-based businesses in order to help guide your design process. 

We will discuss 2 of the ways in which Charlotte business owners can work with web designers to create a website that reflects the spirit of our very diverse city. Our focus will be to address both color palettes and imagery.

Let’s dive in!

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Choosing Website Primary & Secondary Colors

For starters, understanding the Queen City and its multifaceted communities would serve to help you create a web design that speaks to the residents here. 

Think of your web design process as an attempt to blend the southern charm of the city with its bold urban flair.

Capture the essence of the city through the usage of bold color patterns to reflect its modernity and then combine those bold colors with softer color tones for a subtle southern charm enhancement. 

The ratio of either tone will depend on the overall brand image you’d like to project as well as your primary target audience. 

Choosing Website Imagery

Color palettes are just the start.

Here, in a city full of creatives, unique imagery is just as important as brand colors. 

Charlotte offers web designers much by way of inspirational imagery to pull from.

With our street murals, city skyline, nature trails, nightlife scenes, sporting venues, college campuses, and eclectic and ritzy neighborhoods choosing imagery for your website that resonates with a Charlotte audience is easy as the options are truly limitless. 

With so many options available, combining imagery in a way that makes sense for your brand may take some creativity and the ability to be logical and firmly decisive. 

Imagery Should Integrate Seamlessly

At this stage in your decision-making, you are going to come across a plethora of source images that you’ll love and may even become emotionally attached to. Yet, emotional attachment and your love for an image does not automatically qualify it to be featured on your site. Especially if it just doesn’t mesh well with your overall theme or business.

Logical decisiveness will help you avoid ending up with a mashup of imagery that simply doesn’t make sense to combine together.

Still, aim to position your website to be attractive to “more users” rather than “some users” by being flexible and creative in your choices. 

Make an effort to incorporate images that reflect Charlotte’s art and culture as well as its modern and historical significance where appropriate. 

Why Web Design In Charlotte Matters

Charlotte’s business landscape thrives on the city’s diverse population, catering to a wide range of community needs.

This diversity creates a unique environment where various types of businesses can flourish within a single city. However, this also means that competition to attract customers is fierce. 

To stand out in such a dynamic market, it is crucial for businesses to create a website design that resonates with the community’s familiarity.

By crafting a website that reflects their needs, lifestyle, and preferences, businesses can effectively capture the attention of potential customers and establish a strong connection with them.

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