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If your business doesn’t have an active presence on social media platforms then you might be missing out! “Missing out on what?” you might ask…..The opportunity to build meaningful relationships with existing and potential customers that turn into sales for you.

Thought Leadership Leads To Brand Trust & Increased Sales

When your brand becomes one that is trusted by your followers and existing customers for providing helpful and relevant information, they will come to rely on your company for more than just information. They’ll seek you out for your products or services as well. In marketing, this method of social media content management is called “Authoritative Marketing“, and it helps your followers and customers trust and love your brand.

Your Followers Want To Hear From You Consistently

Let us handle organic and paid social publishing so YOU CAN focus on what really matters: running your business. We offer customized Authoritative Marketing solutions tailored to your audience, no matter the industry!

the power of social media team meeting to strategize

Growth Starts With A Conversation

the power of social media team meeting to strategize
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Growth Is Impossible Without Awareness And Trust.

Brand awareness and brand trust are pivotal to the success of your brand. With more and more businesses becoming active on social media, we help you stand out amongst the noise of your competitors. Social media is a vital part of all digital marketing efforts. A well-planned social media strategy is what you’ll need to get that boost in traffic. We’ve got a customized solution for your organization.

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a woman is showing another woman a small business on social media that she should trust
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You're An Expert, A Thought-Leader. Show It On Socials.

Our team exists to make your success in social media marketing possible by establishing your brand as a though-leader in your industry. We’ve developed social media growth strategies that are focused on drives sales for small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and even franchisees. We’re ready to apply the same expertise to create a customized social sales strategy for you. 

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Budget-Friendly Options Are Available
social media expert doing a presentation
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Extensive Research & Original Content Amplifies Growth

We’ll do the in-depth customer and market research necessary to learn your industry trends, as well as your unique business and customer needs. Dominating social media is the goal of course, but accomplishing your business’ sales goals is also a significant priority for our team members. We take great care to ensure your content meets your business objectives in order to induce overall sustainable growth.

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Budget-Friendly Options Are Available
social media influencer adjusting a camera for a live stream
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Simple & Practical Reports So You Know Where You Stand

Are your followers interacting with your posts? Are those interactions helping to increase your reach and are these interactions inline with your social sales goals? Interpreting our reports takes no guesswork, you’ll know exactly where you stand because of our simple and practical methods of reporting about how well your social campaigns are performing. Receive reporting on the health of your social media campaigns monthly and/or quarterly.

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Budget-Friendly Options Are Available
social media client is reading a report

Your Success Is Our Success. Let's Talk Goals

Your target audience is definitely on social media...

…and we’ve set 10 clear goals to reach them. These goals help us find and engage with existing and potential customers in a way that piques their interest in your business and helps you accomplish your social sales goals.  

  1. Increase brand awareness by improving reach
  2. Attract followers who are most likely to buy
  3. Build community by distributing “share-worthy” content
  4. Reach target audience and stay connected
  5. Strengthen engagement based on analysis and testing
  6. Increase brand trust by enhancing thought leadership.
  7. Improve customer satisfaction by integrating essential systems
  8. Incorporate powerful imagery and informative text
  9. Convert social followers into qualified leads and customers.
  10. Create opportunities for data collection to be used in marketing efforts outside of social media

Let's Talk About Your Growth Strategy

social media campaign results are shown on a desktop screen

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Our project manager is Shovon. Love him! He's so easy to work with. The strategies he creates really helped grow our social media following and overall customer base. Our website redesign made the site so much easier to use and our customers are loving it. Thanks Shovon and... Read more

martina rossi
Martina Rossi FEB 21, 2020

Niger is a creative and tech-savvy digital marketing professional. She brings her passion for digital marketing and her love of client satisfaction to the work that she performs. She partners extremely well with clients large and small. She led critical work for several... Read more

Mark Becker FEB 21, 2020

When I first started with The Marketing Muslimah, I didn't quite know what to expect. As I worked with Niger, I fully understood what it all entailed. I would recommend her work because she's diligent and her customer service is impeccable. Thanks for allowing me to credit my... Read more

Sa'idah Sudan Oct 03, 2019


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