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Top 7 Web Design Color Trends 2020

Websites have come a long way. Heading into the new decade, websites don’t look the same as they did even 5 years ago. The web-design landscape has changed a lot and we are already seeing some web design color trends on the horizon. These color trends in web design send a message and better express your brand by extension. First impressions matter in the digital realm as well, and so you make your first impressions even before the customer experiences begin.

In today’s consumer-driven culture, colors play a vital role in making a good impression of a business. Classic color palettes are always going to stay but websites are not limited to that old set only. Many different design trends are happening within the online landscape. So check out the top 7  web design trends we’ve seen so far in 2020.

Flashy Neons

Exploring any trend, be it in music or web design, can always be a source of inspiration, and most trends are cyclical. Trends that went away make a comeback and slip away into the darkness again. One of the trending color schemes from the past is back. Want a hint? What do tapered jeans, feathered bangs, and “Thriller” have in common? Yes, the ‘80s. Do you remember what color trend was famous at that time? Neon! And it’s back in the digital age.

Now, we’re not talking blinding fluorescents but the contrast between light and deep colors to create a luminous effect. Neon colors go well with a bunch of different design settings. You can use them in packages, book covers, or logos, and the glowing finish catches customers’ eyes without being too over the top.

Transparent color overlays

Trends are cyclical but they don’t all disappear. Some trends evolve. A few years back pastel colors were a thing. Today they are layered transparent color overlays. The layered effect is lightweight and subtle. It’s intriguing and deep.

Top 7 Web Design Trends 2020
Top 7 Web Design Trends 2020

This trend works best in flat dimensions, so things like posters, album covers, book covers, or murals.

Transparent overlays are great because it produces an air of mystique and a unique visual experience, complex but approachable.

The design seems natural and every time someone looks at it, they’ll see a nuanced composition. If designs attributed to this color scheme keep your audience engaged. So it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Futuristic Colors

The isometric trend for colors has been going on for quite some time now. What started as a niche has now become a full-blown phenomenon. This trend is a futuristic color scheme that’s integrated into a lot of design patterns.

With colors like blues, rich purples, and blazing pinks dominating the digital design, the futuristic color palette is multidimensional. You can use it for flat and 3D designs to create a unique web design that’s more of a journey than a pretty picture.

The design makes you look like a visionary and is applicable to non-tech companies as well. Just implementing a strategically placed palette will invoke a trans-dimensional futuristic impression in clients’ minds.

Going Vintage

Vintage is very in right now. Vintage things remind us of simpler times. A sort of nostalgic bubble. The power of vintage-inspired colors is they inspire a sense of familiarity in the midst of this huge digital world.

Before you start using grays, blacks, and whites, 2020 has a different approach. Think muted pictures and retro-style colors, like cream, contrasted with pops of bright or pastel colors, minimalist shapes, and sans-serif fonts.

It’s like going through an old catalog of records and taking the good ones for your collection. Your design will be a modern-representation vintage.

Go Dark

The dark mode was the breakout trend of 2019 and its here to stay. More and more businesses are adopting designs with a darker theme because it utilizes a dark background like black or grey instead of old-fashioned white.

The contrast allows for fascinating color combinations with saturated colors that go well on the dark background. Dark mode has become very popular on web and app designs. There’s a logical reason for going dark though. It is energy efficient.

If you haven’t checked designs with a dark theme, maybe you should. Mainstream media is even this approach with shows, like “Stranger Things,” “Handmaid’s Tale” and “Black Mirror,” utilizing the dark-theme design.

Unique Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic color schemes have been around for quite some time and they are here to stay. Monochromatic designs use different shades of the same color. They are easy to look at, simple to understand and feel right.

Top 7 Web Design Trends 2020

2020 designers are venturing into newer and more unique color families, not just black and white. Monochromes allow designs to try out variation and contrast while maintaining balance and unity. What is amazing about these designs is that even though they are from the one color family, they don’t feel one-dimensional and stale.

Meaningful Colors

We all live in a digital world and sometimes it may seem like a cold and impersonal place. Colors play a vital part in bringing meaning and life to everything in the digital space. The trend of meaningful colors strategically places colors in specific parts of the design to invoke meaning or emotion.

The color creates an emotional connection with the viewer which grips clients and anchors them to your website. Soon your brand will be affiliated with this color and clients will think of you, creating brand loyalty.

So, there you go! Those are the 7 web-design trends in 2020 you should know about. These trends are what you should be capitalizing on. Let us know in the comments below which of these you have already started utilizing.

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