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2020 Lead Generation Ideas For Small Business

The health of your business depends on lead generation. No matter your business type, leads and the income they bring are the life force of your business. It is important for business owners, marketing teams, and sales teams to come up with ideas periodically to attract the right leads to the business.

Products and services don’t sell themselves. An effective lead generation strategy will include marketing tactics that increase brand awareness and drives leads to your website and/or storefront. Even if your business creates the best products and/or offers the best services at the best price, your business still risks failure.

Brand Awareness Drives Lead Generation

Failure, for most small businesses, is a result of poor lead generation strategies that are not focused on creating brand awareness. Ignoring brand awareness campaigns inhibits attracting your ideal customer.  As a result, no one knows about your brand and its purpose is not clearly conveyed. Selling products and offering services is sure to become difficult at this point. This is why creating brand awareness is considered the most important component of a lead generation strategy.

Here we will talk about seven lead-generation ideas for small businesses to consider adopting:

Optimizing Web Pages

Your lead generation process should always start with your website. Driving traffic to your website is the goal, but keeping them on your site is the victory.

When a business is able to keep site visitors on their website for a long period of time, this improves search engine ranking. The improvement comes by way of a decreased bounce-back rate. A business website with a low bounce-back rate shows that visitors are lingering, finding useful information, and/or flipping through web pages. This type of user activity tells search engines that your content is useful and worth recommending to others.

Incorporate Conversion Forms

In this day and age, it is fairly easy to get a site up and running, but making a site that generates leads should be left to an expert.

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Engagement On A Personal Level

If you look around, you will see plenty of websites that have FAQ sections. These types of informational web pages are very important. The goal is to make a personal connection with the visitors by addressing what you know are the most frequently asked questions. These are the questions that the users may have and addressing these questions offer transparency and reinforce trust.

Smart Outbound & Inbound Marketing

Outbound and inbound marketing are very good methods for attracting leads. The numbers show that outbound marketing is as effective as inbound marketing, so both methods are advised.

You need to be smart about your marketing efforts and balance both the inbound and outbound efforts for your small business. Since outbound efforts can be more costly in some cases, you’ll need to budget and plan wisely.

These methods enable customers to participate in online forums and share informative posts that might help someone. You will be able to trust people and start generating leads that convert into customers.

Wide Spread Accessibility

We live in a world that is connected. Everywhere we go, we are connected to the internet through smart devices. With this level of hyperconnectivity, companies everywhere need to be constantly accessible through devices.

Investing in systems, like Hubspot, offers widespread accessibility through desktop and mobile apps. Applications such as these also let companies add a feature like live-chat for instant connection to visitors.

Informative Content

Content is king and we all know it. Content, like informative social posts and blog articles, drives a huge amount of traffic to websites.  Be sure to create content that resonates with your audience, address their problems and offer solutions.

High-quality blog and webpage content are some of the best tools a small business can utilize. If you already have well-written blog content or informative webpages, make a habit of sharing that content through email marketing and social media publishing. Don’t fret if the content is a bit dated, add new information, relevant images, and infographics to bring the content up to date.

Lead Generation Ideas For Small Business

Utilizing Social Media Channels Fully

If you are running a small business, then you already know how important social media is to creating brand awareness and generating leads. However, social media is not just about Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Social media platforms like Twitter, Quora, and Reddit are great sources for lead generation as well. You can find analytics reports from these platforms to find out the habits of your followers and utilize the data to attract qualified leads.

Reddit alone has around 330 million monthly active users. Just think about the potential leads that can come from it. Start sending out informative tweets and engage with your community. Start participating in forums, solve problems, and start answering questions relevant to your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been an integral part of digital marketing ever since it started. Companies have been using email marketing campaigns to generate leads for a long time and to this day it remains vital. Email works best because it is direct engagement from people at your company to your leads.

You cannot approach email marketing like your other efforts, it requires special attention due to its direct nature. There are certain elements that you will need to be aware of when writing an email for your email marketing campaign. One is to have an enticing subject line. Do some research and make sure that your subject line is addressing a problem commonly faced by the audience you are targeting.

Another thing that you must make sure of is that the message should be concise. Whatever you want to convey, make sure that it is brief, simple, and engaging. Your email should also have images. You know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, why not let the image do the heavy lifting? Incorporate lightweight impactful and engaging images into your email content.

Make sure you also add a call to action button or CTA because your leads need to go somewhere after they have read your email. Since customers are now engaging with your email, it means they are interested in your business. Make sure you incorporate your social media cards as well, so people reading emails can look up and connect with your business through social media.

Conducting a good email campaign can be wonderous if you are looking to generate some leads for your small business. So make sure you do it right.

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Bonus Tip

These are our 7 lead generation ideas for small businesses. But wait, we have a bonus tip for you. We already spoke to you about putting out quality content on your site. Having a blog filled with amazing content is a sure-fire way to generate a bunch of leads, but do you know about the benefits of guest posting? Well, you are not the only one dedicated to your industry right? There are plenty of blog sites that are helping people choose the right option.

Those sites are a great place for exposure. There are plenty of people coming to those sites to learn about things. So if you post high-quality content there, you are tapping into another lead generation source.

Guest posting has become one of the biggest drivers of traffic, and small businesses have been utilizing the power of the guest posts to generate leads for some time now. You too should integrate guest posting into your lead generation process. Trust me it will do your business a lot of good.

Let us know in the comments below what techniques you have been using for lead generation. We love to hear from you and value your thoughts so do put some comments down.

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